Online Resource Center for Current and Prospective College Students With Disabilities [web resource]

The National Center for College Students with Disabilities (NCCSD) is a federally-funded, national resource for future and current college students and graduate students with any type of disability, chronic health condition, or mental or emotional illness.

The NCCSD serves a variety of functions, including maintaining and expanding the National Center for College Students with Disabilities Resource Clearinghouse as well as the Campus Disability Resource (CeDaR) Databases, which include resources and disability-related information from degree-granting colleges and universities across the United States.

The NCCSD also provides technical assistance related to accommodations, planning, and evaluation to support young adults with disabilities, their families, and staff at the post-secondary and transition level.

NCCSD Clearinghouse and Resource Library

Find free information for students, parents, families, high school and college faculty and staff.

Popular topics

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Lists of national organizations and student groups

 NCCSD Training Center

  • The NCCSD Training Center is a portal to presentations, mini-classes, podcasts and webcasts offered by NCCSD and other sources where you can learn more about the topics that you need to know.

The NCCSD website will continue to grow. Bookmark it so you can check for new resources.

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