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Signs and Symptoms of Learning Disabilities Can Change With Age

Being a child or teen with a learning disability can be challenging and frustrating, especially if the learning disability goes undetected. It is important to understand the symptoms one might experience at different ages and get children and teens the proper assistance they require at school. Read more ›

Is Dyslexia Different in Adults?

In its simplest definition, dyslexia is a developmental learning disorder that makes it difficult to read and write. Though it’s typically diagnosed in childhood, symptoms can go unrecognized until later in life and extend well beyond letter mixups. Read more ›

10 Helpful Text-to-Speech Readers

Text-to-speech software is often a vital resource for students with dyslexia—to aid reading, promote comprehension, and enhance overall literacy skills. Here are 10 helpful text-to-speech software and applications that are great assistive technology tools to have at the start of the school year. Read more ›

Supporting the Social-Emotional Needs of 2e Students [downloadable]

Understanding and supporting a 2e students’ social-emotional needs is essential to their well-being. It is important for parents and school staff to develop 2e students’ strengths while supporting areas of need.
Read more ›

Twice-Exceptional Kids: Both Gifted and Challenged

Some children are highly gifted in areas such as math, writing or music. Others have learning challenges like ADHD, dyslexia or dyscalculia, autism or sensory processing issues. But there are also kids who fit into both categories. They’re called “twice-exceptional,” or 2e, which means that they have exceptional ability and disability. Read more ›

Gifted Children With ADHD, and the Challenges Their Parents Face

With the new school year underway, some parents will have a harder time than others because of a little known, but very real phenomenon: their child is “twice exceptional.” These children have both the potential for high achievement (“gifted”) and a one or more disabilities, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or generalized anxiety. Read more ›

Helping Gifted Children With Common Homework Problems

The last thing most parents of gifted children would think their kids will have problems with is homework. After all, gifted children are cognitively advanced and learn quickly. Read more ›

Poor School Performance and How Parents Can Help

Regardless of your child’s age, the occasional school struggle is normal. But when that struggle becomes a pattern, it often raises concern―from parents and/or teachers. Read more ›

My Child is Falling Behind in School. Now What?

Everything seemed to be going OK. But now your child is struggling to keep up in class and is falling behind. You may wonder, is this just a rough patch? Or is something else going on? Read more ›

Four Steps to Selecting a School for Your Child

How do you pick the best school for your child? Whether you are choosing a public or private school or homeschooling, whether or not you are paying tuition, careful planning is a must. Read more ›

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