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Assistive Technology Apps and Extensions for Struggling Students

Students with ADHD and learning disabilities may benefit significantly from assistive technology like the following apps, browser extensions, and tools. Read more ›

The Pros and Cons of Educational Labels

Educational labeling was first introduced as a way of meeting students’ needs. For instance, a child who was labeled as “gifted” might move up in the curriculum, while a child with dyslexia might need to slow down or even repeat whole lessons or grades. Read more ›

Supporting Self-Advocacy and Success in Student Learning [downloadable]

Students with learning disabilities must be able to advocate effectively for themselves. Beginning in the early years and continuing throughout their school lives, students with learning disabilities must be supported in learning how to self-advocate. Read more ›

Self-Advocacy: Representing Yourself and Your Interests

When provided with the foundation of a safe environment, trusted mentors and opportunities to engage, all young people can be empowered to develop the skills they need to become self-advocates and elevate their voices. Read more ›

Self-Advocacy & Learning Disabilities

Self-advocacy gives students with learning disabilities the confidence to ask for the tools they need to be successful in the real world. The strategy not only benefits children at school, but in explaining their learning disability to friends and family members. Read more ›

What Is Self-Advocacy?

Most people have some idea of what “self-advocacy” is, but it helps to define it. At its heart, self-advocacy is the ability to communicate what your needs are. Read more ›

How Schools Can Help Overloaded Teens

Teenagers need 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night to be at their best, but few get anywhere near that amount. That’s often due to factors outside their control, like school hours and homework levels.

Many schools have been taking notice — and making changes to promote teen sleep. Read more ›

Learning a Foreign Language for Students With Learning Challenges

Learning a foreign language can be frustrating for a student with a language-based learning disability. Many of the same elements that may have posed problems in English (letter sounds, decoding, spelling, grammar), can cause difficulties in foreign language learning. Read more ›

Learning Differences Across the Lifespan

We often think of learning differences as challenges faced in school. But the reality is that learning differences impact people throughout their lives with implications far beyond the classroom: home, relationships, work and family to name a few. Therefore, it’s important to learn strategies and skills that apply throughout the lifespan. Read more ›

3 Tips for Managing a Learning Disability in Adulthood [video]

Support from schools can improve elementary and secondary students’ math, reading, and other language skills. But how can people with learning disabilities prepare for the demands of university or working life? Read more ›

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