Safe School Return: Six Tips for Secondary School Students [downloadable]

UNICEF has created a downloadable infographic with six tips for safe return to school. The tips address health, hygiene, emotional well being, social interactions, and more.

Tips for a Safe Return to School

  1. Learn how to keep yourself safe amid the outbreak. Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  2. If you have a fever or don’t feel well, tell your parents or a teacher, and go to the doctor.
  3. Feel worried or scared? Talk to your family and teachers. They will help you.
  4. Protect yourself and others with healthy practices.
  5. Don’t tease or bully anyone who has been sick. Don’t blame those from other countries or regions. Be supportive to each other.
  6. Share what you’ve learned about preventing disease with your family.

This resource is suitable for upper elementary and secondary students. Download the infographic from UNICEF.

Source: UNICEF | Safe School Return: Six Tips for Secondary School Students, |Copyright 2020 © UNICEF

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