The Autism/ADHD Podcast [web resource]

Children with ADHD and Autism often require a different approach. In the Autism/ADHD podcast series, behavior expert Holly Blanc Moses shares her strategies to help children diagnosed with autism and ADHD effectively improve their behavior, emotional health, social skills, and academic performance.

Blanc Moses is a psychologist, behavior analyst, published author, and consultant who has has two “differently wired” children herself and has specialized in autism for over 20 years. 

The podcasts cover a range of topics: parenting, behavior management, 504s and IEPs, sensory needs, working with your child’s teachers, navigating, friendships, sleep troubles, and so much more.

View the list and descriptions of the Autism/ADHD podcasts on Wired Differently. You may also listen to the the Autism/ADHD Podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.  You may also want to check out Blanc Moses’ Youtube channel, Autism ADHD TV with Holly.

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