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National Educational and Health Awareness Dates for the 2020-2021 School Year [downloadable]

Awareness days, weeks, and months are an opportunity to show support for the causes and issues we care about. The American School Counselor Association has created a handy downloadable calendar of national awareness dates for the 2029-2021 school year so you can keep track of the awareness events that matter most to you and learn about some new ones too! Read more »

Back-to-School Blues 4: How to Find Joy (Amidst the Mayhem)

written by Liza Bennigson, Associate Director of Marketing and Communications

Theme four in our Back-to-School Blues series, how to find joy (amidst the mayhem), reminds us of what’s important in life and that it’s OK to eat cake for breakfast. (OK, I just made that last part up). Read more »

Back-to-School Blues 3: How to Stay Balanced (When Your Head Is Spinning)

written by Liza Bennigson, Associate Director of Marketing and Communications

Theme three in our Back-to-School Blues series, how to stay balanced (when your head is spinning), is a lot harder than it sounds, and requires compassion and grace that may be in short-supply these days. Fortunately, our CHC experts are here to help! Read more »

Are the Kids All Right? How to Check in on Their Mental Health During a Tough Time [video]

Like nearly everyone else, children have experienced enormous disruption during the pandemic. Their schools closed months ago and, for many, remain closed. They stopped seeing friends and teachers on a regular basis, or had to get used to seeing them through a screen. Many of the things they love or look forward to have become unavailable or, at minimum, altered. Read more »

One-Third of Young People Still Optimistic Despite COVID’s Dramatic Hit on Education and Jobs

The pandemic’s impact on young people has been “systematic, deep and disproportionate”, according to new research by the International Labour Organization (ILO), with young women, younger adults and youth in lower-income countries worst affected. Read more »

Back-to-School Blues 2: How to Empower Your Kids (to Control Their Own Distance Learning Destiny)

written by Liza Bennigson, Associate Director of Marketing and Communications

Theme two in our Back-to-School Blues series, how to empower your kids (to control their own distance learning destiny), tackles a concept that requires a bit of patience on the front-end for benefits that will last a lifetime. Read more »

Making the Best of Virtual Learning: Some Advice From the Founder of Khan Academy

Sal Khan, the founder and CEO of Khan Academy, built an education enterprise on virtual learning. But as many communities across the country prepare to start the fall with online-only instruction, even he admits that distance learning is a less than perfect substitute for in-person schooling. Read more »

Back-to-School Blues 1: How to Set Up Your “Homeschool” (for Success)

written by Liza Bennigson, Associate Director of Marketing and Communications

Last year, on the first day of school, I could practically hear George Michael’s “Freedom” playing in my head; a welcome soundtrack as I bounded up the hill to a friend’s house for celebratory mimosas.

This year, after a summer of no camps, trips to grandma’s or childcare, Pink’s “Leave Me Alone” feels more apropos. I adore my kids with every ounce of my being but this togetherness is getting out of hand. Read more »

Tools for Anti-Racist Teaching [video]

In this four-part series, PBS Learning Media explore tools for anti-racist teaching and considers the ways in which educators can use media and media literacy to deepen their understanding of systemic racism. Read more »

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