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Kidappolis School Edition Available Free Through September 2020 [web resource]

Are you looking for ways to keep your children engaged in learning when they aren’t in school? Kidappolis enables parents to use screen time as deep learning time, through interactive, caregiver-led early learning opportunities. Read more ›

School Closed Due to the Coronavirus? Tips to Help Parents Cope

Children thrive on routine and predictability, both of which are in short supply right now for families across the country and well beyond. Despite the uncertainty in the community, you still can try to foster an environment that includes as much routine and predictability as possible. Read more ›

How to Adapt to a Stressful Situation

Often when people face a new and stressful situation, they feel overwhelmed at the thought that they may have to deal with this stress for an extended period of time.

The good news is that there are things that can be done to mitigate the stress of virtually any situation, even if the situation itself is there to stay for a while. Read more ›

Mindfulness Resources for Dealing with COVID-19 [video]

In scary times, anxiety is normal and understandable. It’s important to exercise self care—to center yourself and seek calming influences to manage stress. Mindfulness helps you recognize the moments where you are feeling overwhelmed and regain balance and an improved mental state. Read more ›

Tips for Managing the Stress of Social Distancing as a Family

Any parent balancing work, homeschool and the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic is bound to have their limits tested by sheltering in place with kids who haven’t seen their friends or participated in sports.

Lisa Damour, a clinical psychologist and author of Under Pressure: Confronting the Epidemic of Stress and Anxiety in Girls, knows well about the stress families face in ordinary times. In these extraordinary times, she has the following advice for families to help get through the crisis. Read more ›

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