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Assessment 101: An Inside Look at Evaluations

We receive lots of questions from parents about evaluations: Does my child need one? Or should we just start treatment? An evaluation by a psychologist or a multidisciplinary team can be a valuable tool in understanding your child’s strengths and weaknesses and provide a roadmap for next steps. It can reveal whether what seems like distraction, laziness or reluctance could actually be a sign of mental health or learning challenges. Read more ›

Self Evaluation Checklist for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder [downloadable]

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have a variety of strengths and needs.

The following checklist was developed by Hannah Grieco, an education and disability advocate, as a tool to help your child or student develop a plan for support and a better understanding of his or her learning and communicating styles. Read more ›

Autism Spectrum Disorder Checklist: A Tool for Parents and Teachers [downloadable]

Traditional autism checklists focus on broad areas of strengths and needs. This checklist, developed by education and disability advocate Hannah Grieco, is a tool to help teachers and parents to pinpoint clear, precise goals and accommodations for IEPs, 504s, and general understanding. Read more ›

Checklist: Autism Spectrum Disorders Symptoms and Signs [downloadable]

This ASD symptom checklist is a tool to help parents, doctors, and mental health practitioners discuss symptoms, behaviors, and needs that might relate to Autism Spectrum Disorder. Read more ›

New Screening App Can Identify Struggling Readers as Early as Preschool

What if a short digital game for young children could help lower the high school drop out rate? That’s a long-range goal of a new effort by a team from Boston Children’s Hospital in collaboration with Florida State University, which has developed a 15 to 20-minute game that tests children’s early literacy skills and generates a red flag for those in need of extra support. Read more ›

Demystifying the Psychoeducational Assessment [presentation] [video]

Did your child recently receive a psychoeducational assessment? You have the report, but you don’t really understand it? Learn more about what is included in this type of evaluation and how it can provide valuable information to help you better understand your child and the types of supports from which they can benefit. Read more ›


Different Terms You May Hear for Evaluations

assessment608If your child is struggling in school, you might be considering an evaluation. There are different kinds of evaluations, and the terms for them can be confusing. You might hear them referred to with different names, depending on who’s talking. Read more ›

psychoed testing 607

Understanding and Preparing Your Child for Psychoeducational Testing

psychoed testing 607What is psychoeducational testing? How can you prepare your child for it? Author and parent Kim Glenchur offers clear answers to your questions.

Read more ›


EdRev Expo 2018 Workshop: Interpreting Assessment Results for Dyslexia [presentation]

Dan Peters, PhD, Executive Director of The Summit Center, reviews a typical public school academic assessment and discusses how to interpret academic assessment results in relationship to the school psychologist and speech and language pathologist’s reports. Dr. Peters explains how to “connect the dots” between findings to determine a dyslexia profile. Read more ›

Community Education

Psych Testing: What Do All Those Numbers Mean? [presentation]

What is a psychological assessment? Caryn Kovar, PhD, reviews the main purposes of a psychological assessment, the types of assessments, assessment tools, factors that influence performance, and how to interpret the results. Read more ›

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