Schwab Learning Center at CHC

Work with Learning Specialists

Understand your learning and attention challenges with a dedicated expert and create a personalized toolkit with solutions designed to maximize your potential.

Screening & Evaluations

Concerned you may have a learning difference that warrants accommodations at school or at work? Get to the bottom of things with an evaluation.

Short-Term Therapy

Mental health influences learning and life success. Working with a therapist can help now and in the long run.

Alumni Mentoring

Match with a mentor who has been in your shoes, such as experiencing dyslexia or ADHD, to help you navigate your next moves at school or at work.

Peer Mentoring

Empower yourself and your SLC peers to be the best you all can be by sharing experiences and ideas in a community of support and success.

Making the Transition

Identify successful ways to transition from high school to college to the workplace and beyond.

Get started today.

Learn more about Schwab Learning Center at CHC, and sign up today for support online or at CHC Palo Alto.

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