Resources for Young Adults

Young Adults: It’s Okay to Ask for Help [video] [downloadable]

Entering adulthood can be an emotional time, but sometimes the ups and downs can mean something more. Millions of young adults are living with a mental or substance use disorder and many either do not realize they have one or are not paying attention to the signs and not seeking help.  Read more ›

Pursue What You Love

We have all heard the phrase, “find a job you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.” But is it really possible? Do we have to choose between happiness and a living wage? What if we’re still figuring out what fulfills us? Read more ›

Three Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Your Passion at Work

As people continue to move around in the Great Resignation, therapist, author and podcast host Esther Perel says job-seekers should keep it simple: “Do something that you’re interested in.” Read more ›

How Liking Your Job Will Help You Succeed

Being happy at work and loving what you do is an overall productivity booster and enhances performance. People who enjoy their jobs are more likely to be optimistic, motivated, learn faster, make fewer mistakes, and better business decisions. Read more ›

Three Reasons It’s So Hard to “Follow Your Passion”

How many times have you been told to “follow your passion?” It’s a message that appears in everything from graduation speeches to job ads. But according to a  Deloitte survey of 3,000 full-time U.S. workers, across job levels and industries, only 20% say they are truly passionate about their work. Read more ›

Do What You Love: But First Find Out What That Is

Research out of Mayo Clinic reveals that if we spend just 20 percent of our time on things we are passionate about, then other responsibilities which we are less enthusiastic about don’t seem as burdensome or daunting. This is a perfect opportunity to create a passion audit and find out what things we love doing. Read more ›

Four Reasons to Do What You Love for a Living

You’ve heard the cliche that life is too short. You don’t know what tomorrow brings or where you’ll end up. So why waste your time in a career that doesn’t make you happy? Read more ›

Different and Diverse

Navigating learning and mental health challenges is difficult; adding racial and ethnic diversity to the mix can magnify the inequities and complexities of the journey. Read more ›

Assistive Technology Apps and Extensions for Struggling Students

Students with ADHD and learning disabilities may benefit significantly from assistive technology like the following apps, browser extensions, and tools. Read more ›

Youth, Disclosure, and the Workplace Why, When, What, and How

Every job seeker with a disability is faced with the same decision: “Should I or shouldn’t I disclose my disability?” This decision may be framed differently depending upon whether you have a visible disability or a non-visible disability. Ultimately, the decision of whether to disclose is entirely up to you. Read more ›

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