Social Emotional Learning

Do Masks in School Affect Kids’ Speech and Social Skills?

Some parents express worry that masks might interfere with children’s ability to learn or to socialize. Other parents fear that unmasking will lead to more COVID-19 cases.

Amid the debate, a small but growing body of research is offering hints that masks do not have a significant impact on speech or social skills. Read more ›

10 Tips for Building Resilience in Children and Teens

We tend to idealize childhood as a carefree time, but youth alone offers no shield against the emotional hurts, challenges, and traumas many children face. Children can be asked to deal with problems ranging from adapting to a new classroom or online schooling to bullying by peers or even struggles at home. Add to that the uncertainties that are part of growing up in a complex world, and childhood can be anything but carefree. The ability to thrive despite these challenges arises from the skills of resilience. Read more ›

vroom 598

Vroom: Brain-Building Activities [web resource]

vroom 598Simple interactions between you and your children help build children’s brains foundation for all future learning. Vroom is a set of tools and resources designed to inspire families to turn everyday moments into “brain building moments” by layering activities that are essential to healthy brain development onto existing routines. Read more ›

Research Gives Window Into Student Well-Being During the Pandemic

There’s a picture that went viral early in the pandemic that became a symbol of how hard emergency remote schooling was for the youngest students. The image showed a 5-year-old student sitting at a small desk in his family’s kitchen, facing a laptop computer. He’s holding a pencil in one hand, pulling up the neck of his T-shirt with his other hand to wipe tears away from his eyes. Read more ›

Why More Schools Are Adding Mental Health Breaks to the Calendar

This past fall, students and staff at close to 200 public schools in Wake County, N.C., which includes Raleigh, received an unexpected break. Schools were closed on November 12 for a day of reflection and preparation.” That same day, schools in Cumberland County, N.C., about 60 miles south, had the day off for “Wellness Friday.” Read more ›

Healthy Minds: Prioritizing Mental Health [web resource] [downloadable]

It’s important to support the mental health of all children—before, during and after challenges arise — and to support parents’ and caregivers’ mental health too. Read more ›

5 Tips to Quash Your Inner Critic

Everybody has those inner gremlins talking to them, bringing up the worst thoughts, second-guessing their instincts and being generally unkind.

Where exactly do those critical voices come from? And why are they so mean?  It’s negative self-talk, and no one is exempt from it. Read more ›

Schools Confront a Wave of Student Misbehavior, Driven by Months of Remote Learning

School districts across the U.S. say they are seeing a surge of student misbehavior in the return to in-person learning, after months of closures and disruptions due to the pandemic.

Schools have seen an increase in both minor incidents, like students talking in class, and more serious issues, such as fights and gun possession. Read more ›

Entertainment Holiday Pack for a Growth Mindset [downloadable]

Movies offer our children an engaging way to learn about important principles.

Big Life Journal’s Entertainment Holiday Pack, has family movie suggestions that will allow your child to witness stories of perseverance, personal growth, kindness, compassion, and friendship. Read more ›

How Does Limited Socialization Affect Young Kids?

Young children crave attention. They learn from their peers. They thrive on interactions that help them grow. So what happens when a pandemic puts socialization on the back burner? In short, they adapt — but the long-term impact is still unknown.
Read more ›

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