Assistive Technology Apps and Extensions for Struggling Students

Students with ADHD and learning disabilities may benefit significantly from assistive technology like the following apps, browser extensions, and tools.

Assistive Technology for Dyscalculia


iOS, Windows; Free for teachers, other prices vary depending on license

EquatIO helps students more easily write math expressions, without getting bogged down in all those parentheses and square roots.

  • Dictate, type, or hand write math equations to have them automatically uploaded to a Google Doc or other document
  • The software understands what is being typed or handwritten, and turns those expressions into clear, accurate on-screen formulas

Assistive Technology for Dyspraxia


iOS, Windows, Google Chrome; Free

Booshare offers texts in a variety of formats to benefit different learning styles and disabilities.

  • The customized reading experiences include audiobooks, audio with highlighted texts, braille, large font, and more
  • It also includes bookmarking and study tools, as well as partner apps for students

Seeing AI

iOS, Free

Seeing AI is a mobile tool designed for the low-vision community that also helps students who struggle with reading, writing, and motor skills.

  • Point your phone at text — handwritten or typed — and Seeing AI will read those words out loud
  • The app recognizes friends and people around you, as well as their emotions

Assistive Technology for Dysgraphia

Read & Write for Google

Google Chrome; Free for teachers, subscription service for students  

Read & Write for Google is a Chrome extension that makes documents, web pages, and common file types more accessible for students with different learning abilities.

  • Words or passages can be read out loud using the text-to-speech feature
  • Text and pictures come with dictionaries
  • Word-prediction tool suggests phrases as you type
  • Dictate words and they appear on screen, eliminating handwriting
  • Type directly on PDFs
  • The Audio Maker feature allows teachers to create MP3 files of texts that students can listen to


Prices vary depending on product

Livescribe smartpens simplify writing and note-taking for students who struggle with handwriting on paper.

  • Digitize handwriting using a Livescribe “smart pen”
  • Use the pen to record audio along with notes
  • Share notes easily and immediately

Audio Notetaker from Sonocent

iOS, Windows, Android; prices vary depending on plan

Audio Notetaker is desktop software with a companion app that helps students take notes, write essays, compile research, and brainstorm.

  • Capture audio, text, and slides in one place
  • Organize and categorize note sets
  • Augment notes with drawings, diagrams, and graphs

Assistive Technology for Dyslexia

Demo DocsPlus

iOS, Windows; prices vary depending on license

DocsPlus is software designed to help middle- and high-school students organize, write, and review long assignments, and also comprehend dense texts.

  • “Learning grids feature” allows teachers, students, and parents to download word walls on specific topics
  • Speech feedback helps to identify mistakes
  • Graphic organizers aid brainstorming


Google Chrome; prices vary depending on device

ReaderQ is a Chrome Add On that eliminates distractions when reading web pages and help readers get to the main point of what they’re reading.

  • Adjust the text display to show highlighting and varied text sizes, as well as annotations
  • Select and save key words and phrases. A limit is placed on how much is selected to make sure only relevant points are saved
  • Used frequently by middle- or high-school students who need to reference information on the web when writing reports


Google Chrome; prices vary depending on device

ThoughtQ is a Chrome extension that provides “thought trigger” words and phrases based on a user’s Google searches to help them find additional information that is compatible with reading and academic level.

  • Users may import words and phrases to improve the tool’s word prediction
  • Definition lookup feature defines words in the context of any web page
  • Speech feedback helps teach pronunciation.


iOS, Android, Windows; Free, upgrades available for purchase

Mindomo is mind-mapping software that allows students to create collaborative concept maps, outlines, and charts that simplify project planning.

  • Progress from outline to graphical mind map with one click, simplifying the outlining process for students who struggle to organize and rearrange their ideas
  • Students may embed videos and graphics in their mind maps
  • Includes templates for different types of writings, like a persuasive essay

Excerpted from “18 Assistive Technology Apps and Extensions for Struggling Students” in ADDitude Magazine. Read the article on the ADDitude website for the complete list of resources.

Source: ADDitude Magazine | 18 Assistive Technology Apps and Extensions for Struggling Students, | Copyright © 1998 – 2023 WebMD LLC. Last updated September 2022. Retrieved January 2023.
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