Adult ADHD: Tips and Tools to Improve Your Memory

If you have ADHD, you may struggle to stay focused during conversations. Retaining information given auditorily is difficult for everyone, but especially difficult for someone with ADHD.

To help adults with ADHD pay attention and retain information from conversations or oral instructions, here are some strategies and resources.

Remembering the information you want and need

Techniques to improve retention

Active Listening: Stay engaged by maintaining eye contact, nodding, and asking questions during conversations. Have a fidget on hand if it helps you stay focused.

Break Information Down: Ask the speaker to break complex information into smaller, more manageable chunks.

Repeat and Paraphrase: Repeat or summarize key points to reinforce understanding and memory and ask if your summary is right or missing anything.

Visual Aids: Request visual aids or written materials during presentations or discussions. Or maybe just simply ask the presenter to follow up with an email.

Time Management: Use reminders, timers, and task segmentation to stay focused during conversations.

Use productivity apps

Note-Taking Apps: Use apps to jot down important points during conversations.

Voice Recording Apps: Record conversations using apps like Voice Memos (iOS) or Easy Voice Recorder (Android) to listen to later and reinforce memory. Make sure you have permission from the person you are recording first.

Find Support

Seek Support and Education: Join support groups or visit websites to learn from others with ADHD and explore resources.

Remember, finding what works best for you may take some trial and error. Be patient and experiment with different approaches to improve attention and information retention.

Learn more about working with one of CHC’s learning specialists to help develop some of these strategies.

Are you interested in more helpful resources? Check out CHC’s ADHD Guide and our curated collection of ADHD articles, presentations, videos, podcasts, websites and more.

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