ADHD & Your Child: ADHD Behavior Checklist

Review our ADHD Behavior Checklist for insight into common behaviors of ADHD that may describe your child.

written by Cindy Lopez
Director, Community Connections

reviewed by Melina Foden
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Many children can have some difficulty with distractibility or impulsivity. Children with ADHD tend to have persistent challenges with inattention, impulse control and more that interferes with their ability to function at school, at home and in life.

The intended use of this tool is to help you understand where your child/student is experiencing challenges; it is not intended to be a diagnostic tool.


Download a copy of the ADHD Behavior Checklist to complete offline. Think about the behavior you observe in your child or student and when you started to notice these behaviors. Check all that apply from the list.

ADHD Behavior Checklist

Unable to sit still
Usually fidgets with hands or feet
Talks a lot
Is always on the go
Frequently running or climbing
Difficulty engaging in quiet activities
Lacks self-control
Very difficult to wait for their turn
Often shouts out
Often interrupts
Has difficulty managing strong emotions
Frequently talks back
Says whatever pops into their head
Intrudes in other people’s space
Difficulty with organization
Appears not to be listening when spoken to directly
Often loses things
Avoids homework and/or other tasks requiring sustained attention
Easily distracted
Forgetful in daily activities
Makes careless mistakes
Easily distracted with sights, sounds, and movement in the environment

If you’ve checked the majority of the boxes, you are not alone. It may be time to reach out for help. Call or email us at 650.688.3625 or to set up a free 30-minute consultation with one of our ADHD experts.

Download the ADHD & Your Child: ADHD Behavior Checklist:

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